Welcome To This Free Guide!

NOTE: For people in Thailand this will unblock everything you need, Facebook, Twitter, foreign media channels etc.

Thanks for looking at our website, this website is a free guide for numerous people around the world that are wanting to watch British TV but keep getting geoblocked from websites like BBC iPlayer, SkyGo, ITV Player etc. Please see the HOW TO GUIDE just click here.

There is a very easy solution to this which does not involved any VPN’s or Proxys like people will tell you that you need. To simply put it, for $4.95 a month you could be accessing 1000′s of geoblocked websites from around the world… Not just british but all websites. The likes of Pandora Internet Radio and Hulu from america. Premier League Pass from New Zealand for the football…

Please look through the how to guide above aswell as the the FAQ section. If you need you can contact me using the contact button.